Naples and Bonita Springs Cleaning Services

While there are many cities throughout the state of Florida with a lot to offer its residents, none are more appealing than Naples and Bonita Springs.

From their location on the Gulf of Mexico to the variety of housing options, it’s hard not to fall in love with everything these two southwest Florida cities have to offer.

As a resident of Naples, Bonita Springs, or anywhere else in the local area, you may soon find yourself searching for a highly qualified cleaning service with a reputation for providing top-notch service.

And at Clean It Up, that’s exactly what you get!

For more than 20 years, we’ve serviced homes in and around Naples and Bonita Springs. In addition to homeowners, we also have targeted experience cleaning vacation rental properties throughout the region.

Why Choose Clean It Up?

Over the years, we’ve found one thing to be true of most homeowners in Naples and Bonita Springs: they take great pride in maintaining a clean home, inside and out.

While some people enjoy cleaning their own home, others find it to be a tedious task that takes away from other things that are more important to them.

With our help, you never again have to find time in your schedule to clean your home. We provide a variety of services, ranging from regular cleanings to deep cleanings to post construction cleanings.

There are many reasons why Clean It Up is known as the premier home cleaning service in Naples and Bonita Springs, including:

  • Industry leading attention to detail
  • High level of customer service
  • Affordable pricing structure
  • Inclusion of services that other companies charge for
  • The use of a quality control system

Do You Have Special Needs?

It goes without saying that no two homes in Naples and Bonita Springs are identical. Even when two properties appear similar from the outside, each one has its own intricacies that make it unique.

We treat each and every customer like a member of our family. So, if you have special needs – such as a particular space that requires extra attention – all you have to do is let us know.

From there, we’ll customize your cleaning to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

While our basic cleaning services are perfect for most people, we urge all our customers to share feedback and let us know of any special requirements.

Reasons to Hire a Professional

Even if you’re one of those people who enjoys cleaning, there are benefits of hiring a professional to assist you:

  • Every cleaning is a professional cleaning (we don’t miss spots!)
  • The use of high quality, safe, and effective cleaning supplies
  • Regular cleanings based on your schedule
  • A great way to impress visitors

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of homeowners in the Naples or Bonita Springs area, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and a custom quote.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a gated community, a condo complex, or a single family home off the beaten path, we’re ready to provide you with the professional cleaning services you deserve.