Naples House Cleaning Services

Located in Collier County, Naples has a population of approximately 20,000 people. However, when you reach into the Naples-Marco Island, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area, you find that there are more than 300,000 people living in an area of 2,305 square miles.

At Clean It Up, we take great pride in providing a variety of cleaning services to customers throughout the area. It doesn’t matter where you live, we’re happy to provide the services you require to keep your home looking and feeling its best.

Here are some of the many neighborhoods within Naples that we service:

North Naples

Located immediately north of Naples, North Naples is home to a variety of census-designated places, including:

  • Pine Ridge
  • Pelican Bay
  • Naples Park

Several well-known companies are headquartered here, including Health Management Associates and the League of American Communications Professionals.

Naples Park

Naples Park is part of North Naples. Approximately 6,000 people live in the area, which encompasses 1.2 square miles.

Golden Gate

With a population of approximately 24,000 people and an area that covers 4.1 square miles, Golden Gate has a higher population density than many other neighborhoods within Naples. With this, there are thousands of homes in Golden Gate Estates of varying sizes.

Pine Ridge

Pine Ridge is a smaller census-designated place in North Naples, with a population of roughly 1,900 and an area of 1.8 square miles. There are approximately 1,000 housing units within Pine Ridge.

Livingston Woods

Livingston Woods is a lightly populated, small area within Naples that is home to some of the most expensive and sought after real estate in the region.

Port Royal

Much the same as Livingston Woods, Port Royal isn’t the largest neighborhood in Naples. But what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in character and high-value real estate.

Downtown Naples

Downtown Naples is known for many things, including the fact that there’s something for everyone. While many people visit Downtown Naples for the action, many more call it home.

Royal Harbor

Royal Harbor has a lot going for it. From its real estate choices to its world class dining to its beautiful views, there’s a lot to like.

Vanderbilt Beach

Located roughly nine miles from the center of Naples, Vanderbilt Beach is everything you would expect – plus so much more. This beachfront community is second to none for those who want to live on the water.

Logan Woods

Logan Woods is home to every type of real estate imaginable, ranging from multi-million dollar homes to smaller condos and townhouses. Furthermore, there is plenty of undeveloped land in the space, which is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to build.

Oakes Estates

You can expect to find a little bit of everything in Oakes Estates, including many types of real estate and plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy.

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